Selected model

Mini One MK 1 (R50 / R52)

2001 - 2007

Engine type : Non-Turbo Petrol
Engine size : 1598 cm3
Superchips remaps are developed over many hours of R&D on our 4x4 dyno and, more importantly, during countless hours of road driving. We have created a powerful, driveable and, most of all, reliable conversion for your vehicle.
Horse Power90 bhp33 bhp
Torque140 nm33 nm

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Bluefin allows you to install a Superchips remap yourself

No mechanical or technical skills required.

To have a Superchips remap installed

simply locate a dealer of your choice and contact them to book an appointment.

Lee V
Kent, U.K

7th May, 2014
How else can you get a 36% boost in horsepower for such little outlay? To say it's transformed the previously docile top end of the Mini One is no exaggeration. Hit 4k and it pulls, and pulls until the redline. Exceptionally easy to install, it's almost unbelievable how much difference it makes. Plus it's just as easy to remove, can't recommend highly enough!

James R
Bedfordshire, UK

14th July, 2015
I had been considering a Superchips Bluefin for my Mini One for a while when I finally decided to go for it. Once I had placed the order and changed to Adrian Flux as my Insurers, I immediately began to wonder how much I would really feel the difference, not to mention the claims of a possible improvement in fuel efficiency. I have to say the second I pulled out of my drive, even at low revs, I could tell there was something more underneath the bonnet now. When I got it out onto an open bit of road and gave it a chance to stretch its legs that's when it really kicked in: what was previously a fairly leisurely progression from 3 to 5,000 rpm is now pleasantly less subtle and keeps on pushing as long as you dare leave it! I must also add, once I had got my 0-60 attempts out of the way, the fuel economy is actually a slight improvement on what I have managed to achieve previously. The whole process was quick, easy and efficient and whilst I accept the Mini One is probably a perfect specimen for a remap, I would urge anyone considering this to not leave it as long as I did, it is well worth every penny!

Stuart N
Cheshire, UK

10th January, 2017
Hi I was wondering i bought a bluefin device recently and to say the least I am over the moon with what it has turned the already nippy 1.0l in to. Your product was easy and simple as said on the website this was very true. You have inspired me to push the boundaries of what I want to achieve with my car. The only downside I have is im missing the superchips raised stickers from the box. I was hoping you may be able to send some out to me as I want people to know my car has been modified with the use of your device and maybe gain a little more interest in your company. All ready I have been signing your praises to the Ford forum groups I am on. Most people believe they must go to a garage for tuning... i believe not. you have rock steady device and will always point in the way of superchips-bluefin device.

Kind regards
Stuart. ( one over the moon customer)

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