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Powergate 3

Similar to the Bluefin, a Powergate device can also be used to transfer a Superchips file to your vehicle. And the great news is that it means we can supply “self-install” Superchips files for even more cars than before!

See if the Powergate is compatible with your car by entering the details below:

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How it works

Pay for unit

Search for your vehicle and select the ECU remap you want. Prices start from £254.

Complete the process and pay £225.00 for the Powergate Unit – you won’t find the unit cheaper anywhere else!

Remap your vehicle

Follow the instructions to firstly take a reading from your vehicle, then receive and reload the new ECU remap.

Product Description

The Powergate is easy to use and no specific mechanical knowledge of cars is required, just like the Bluefin, all you need is a laptop or PC with a USB port and internet connectivity.

Provided you carry out the operation during working hours (9.00am-5.00pm Mon-Fri), the whole operation should take no more than a couple of hours and provided you follow our instructions carefully, it should be a breeze.

With a bigger protocol library than ever before, the Powergate can help us to unlock a car’s potential by allowing the transfer of a Superchips ECU remap.

This recently updated model, the Powergate 3 is smaller and more compact than its predecessors weighing in at around 140g. The memory holds 256MB of RAM which is for more than enough for your map and can be held on the device if required, as well as the original file.

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*Offer Terms & Conditions

Offer ends 31st of May 2024. Money is off full priced remaps only. No cash alternative is available. UK remaps Only.

Please click for full Terms of Sale

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