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Frequently Asked Questions

In terms of the improvement it makes to your vehicle, there is no difference at all.

The actual remap file installed on your vehicle is identical whichever way you choose, whether one of our factory fit technicians comes to install the map at your home, or do it yourself using a handheld device.

The Powergate works in just the same way as the Bluefin with the same features, but the technology is a little more up to date and covers a different range of vehicles to the Bluefin. You still get a Superchips map at the end.

The only other difference is the fact that we can reset the Bluefin for different cars, provided we can support it, whereas we can’t reset the Powergate.

Please look up this up on the homepage by entering the registration number of your car or the make and model. If you find that your car is not listed, please ask us as we are continually updating our vehicle database with new vehicles.

No – there are not. All our tuning is carried out with Superchips directly; either through our fitting team (all of whom are employed by us) or via one of the handheld devices that we sell on our website. That way you can be sure you are buying genuine Superchips files.

You don't need any mechanical, you don't even need to lift the bonnet, you do need a little technical knowledge and a computer as you will need to connect to the internet. it's all done from the comfort of your driving seat. Start by simply plugging the handset into the diagnostic port and follow the instructions displayed on your Bluefin or Powergate.

Have a look at this video to see how it’s done: Installation Video

In most cases, no. Some manufacturers can tell that something has changed, but not necessarily what. If you wish to return your vehicle back to the original remap, or “stock”, you will need to do one of the following.

  1. If your remap was installed by our tech team, you will need to call them out to get it removed for which a small charge will be made.
  2. If you have a Bluefin or Powergate, just plug it into the OBD Port and put the vehicle back to original.

It is possible to use the Bluefin again on your next vehicle, where compatible. Then please call or email us with the serial number of the Bluefin and the vehicle registration. We will advise whether it is suitable for your new vehicle and the procedure and cost involved to make it work. We commonly refer to this as a 'Bluefin Reset'. The cost is the price of the remap file, as listed on our website.

The Powergate can only be re-used on another vehicle if the remap was removed from the first one. Email us with the reg of the new vehicle, and let us know you have a Powergate already. We will advise whether it is suitable for your new vehicle and the procedure and cost involved to make it work. The cost is the price of the remap file, as listed on our website.

No, your device becomes tied to your car alone after remapping, it cannot be used to remap multiple vehicles at the same time. The handset is simply a programming device designed to install your Superchips remap.

We can’t support any second hand Powergates. Sorry.

We can support second hand Bluefins, but please get in touch with us with the serial number and reg of the new vehicle you’re looking to use it on before purchasing so we can ensure they are compatible – your seller will not know!

DPF and EGR delete remaps are available for vehicles that will not be used on public roads and highways. For more information please see the following link before contacting us. New Government Rules For MOT

Yes, all our remaps are designed to remain legal and pass all current MOT emission tests.

As a remapped engine will improve the torque of your car, the chances are that you won’t need to be quite so heavy footed on the gas pedal…! There are so many other factors that affect fuel consumption such as terrain, driving style, type of journey and even the weather, that quoting an actual figure would be foolish. Our customers have told us however that they see a difference and we have had figures between 10 and 15% quoted.

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Offer ends 30th of April 2024. Money is off full priced remaps only. No cash alternative is available. UK remaps Only.

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