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We are delighted that not only do leading figures within the automotive industry completely understand the performance edge given by Superchips, they love to tell us! If your Superchips ECU remap gives you more fun or saves your car fuel we’d love to hear from you too.


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Thanks Superchips for helping Volkswagen* Racing create Motorsport history "Sam Roach – Managing Director, Volkswagen Racing UK " *First diesel production car in the world to win a sprint race.



"Superchips know just how to enhance and improve the torque delivery, making this fantastic car even more exciting!" Mike Robinson – President, Ford ST Owners Club



"A Superchips remap gives the engine a noticeably tougher edge; it's more responsive and gives a greater spread of power – Superchips definitely contributes to my enjoyment when driving" Tim Harvey – TV commentator & British Touring Car Champion



"The system works brilliantly and is very simple in operation... bluefin delivers exactly what it promises." Jethro Bovingdon, EVO Magazine



"In around five minutes the system will have uploaded a new map into the ECU and you can drive away with more power, torque and a bigger grin." Keith Wood, Performance Ford




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Tony Rutter, Warwickshire

I owned a Focus ST but with a growing family, had to upsize to a Mondeo. To get the best from my new car, I knew the Mondeo had to be superchipped. I expected a reasonable gain in performance as these are highly tunable engines, but the bluefin remap is so brutal and so powerful in all gears (not tried reverse), even in the areas outside where the standard boost used to kick it, its now leaves the Focus memories disappearing away like the dots of overtaken cars in my rear view mirror. Top notch, plus the fuel economy while in dad mode is at least as good if not better than before the remap.


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Ray Spalek, Shropshire

I had Superchips programmed into my 2007 Jaguar S Type 2.7 diesel and the transformation is incredible, pick up and mid range punch is really impressive, the car just pulls like a train. Overtaking is an absolute no fuss affair (no need for Sports Mode anymore!) Really, really impressed, thanks. Just waiting for the mpg improvement which I know from experience I will get. I had a Bluefin on my Mondeo ST which gave consistently 53mpg on long runs and that too pulled like nobody's business. The Jag has now got real grace and pace! Thanks again. 


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Sean Lockyear, North Yorkshire

Superchips remapped my BMW M3 (E46) last week and it seems to me that their torque figures are very conservative - it easily feels like more than the extra 20Nm they claim - the improved response is noticeable throughout the whole rev range.


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John Leeson, Oxfordshire

Last year I bought my mid-life crisis, a 2010 model VW Eos SE 2.0TDI. Now VW only market the Eos TDI with their 140PS engine. The rest of the VW range have the option of the 140 or 170PS engines. I did try and have my ECU remapped before, but VW had got sneaky. The whiz kids at Superchips eventually cracked the 2010 TDI ECU. Now they've cracked it, I had my ECU re-programmed by them to about 180PS. Wow, the throttle response and mid-range urge is brilliant - over a second has come off the 50 - 70 mph time in 4th gear. I now have the Eos TDI that VW should have marketed in the first place.



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Mike Maddison, Somerset

I opted for the 140bhp model as it was cheaper and more economical than the 170bhp version and having spoken to Superchips they assured me that the “Superchipped” version would give me a car with better economy than a standard car AND have more power and torque than the standard 170bhp model. Too good to be true I thought, but having driven nearly 2,000 miles since the re-map I have to say that they are right! I chose to re-map the car myself using their Bluefin tool and I am happy to say that my fuel economy has improved by an average of 4.4mpg and the extra torque and power makes for a near perfect car for what I need. Many thanks to the Superchips team.


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